Students on a Meal Plan can use a Meal Swipe during breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Room. There are no limits on how many Meal Swipes you can use throughout the day.

A Meal Exchange allows you to use a Meal Swipe in a retail location. Meal Exchanges are available in the Camelot Room. The selections will be noted on the menu boards and will change frequently to ensure variety for Meal Plan holders.

Students can use a Meal Exchange up to three times in a week. A student may choose to use all three of these meals in one day if that is their preference. There are no limitations as to time of day or number of meals exchanged in a day. Since Sodexo starts their week on a Friday, a student can go into one of the above mentioned dining locations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then again on Friday as it is the start of the new week.

  • Dining Dollars are part of your Meal Plan. Each of the Meal Plans comes with an allotment of Dining Dollars. Meal Plan holders can reload their Meal Plan at any point in the academic year. Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining destinations on campus. Dining Dollars can be purchased at the Dining Services Office.
  • Your Golden Knights Kash account is an accumulated prepaid declining balance account attached to your Golden Knights Card. This account is not associated with the Dining Dollars account which you receive when you open an on-campus Meal Plan. With this account, money can be deposited onto your card, allowing you to use it like a debit card in a number of locations on campus. Unlike Dining Dollars, Golden Knights Kash can be used at the Campus Store to purchase books, supplies, or Saint Rose apparel or memorabilia, as well as at various print and copy machines located throughout the campus. This card allows you to experience the comfort and safety of not having to carry cash, checks or credit cards for purchases as you travel between classes. Although this account acts like a debit card, there are some differences. The money that can be debited from your account is strictly predetermined by the amount you deposit. No transactions will be processed once you have exhausted the balance on your account. The cards may only be used on campus. No cash withdrawals can be made from the card. The card may not be used to purchase tobacco, alcohol, or firearms.
  • Learn more about your Golden Knights Card here.

Yes, Camelot Room (open until 11pm) is open after dinner for those later night cravings. Choose from grilled items, pressed sandwiches, quesadillas and salads.

  • Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the Golden Knights Card Office in Saint Joseph Hall to replace a lost or stolen card. In the meantime, please ask a manager at the dining location of your choice and we can work with you to ensure you are able to dine using your Meal Plan.
  • Note: A lost or stolen card must be replaced within 48 hours.
    • The report must be made immediately to the Golden Knights Card Office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 518.337.4694.
    • If your card is lost or stolen during non-business hours make sure that a report is made to Security at 518.454.5187.
    • To deactivate your card, you must contact the Golden Knights Card office at 518.337.4694 or email.
  • First Year: All new residential first year and transfer students sign up for a Meal Plan during the housing application process
  • Returning Resident Students: Returning Students will select their meal plans during the room selection process.
  • For all resident students, Meal Plan changes happen through MyHousing (the same place that they select a meal plan) and can be done until the first Friday of each semester.
  • Commuters: Commuter students may enjoy the benefits of purchasing a Commuter Meal Plan or a points Plan from the Bursar or Dining Services to maximize dining flexibility, convenience and selection. Cash is accepted at each dining location, and visitors are always welcome.
  • We strive to provide a variety of menu options for students, faculty, and staff who have food allergies, food intolerances and/or special dietary needs. We can accommodate special dietary needs (i.e., gluten free, nut free, dairy free) throughout the dining destinations on campus.
  • The Saint Rose community has access to Donna Duffy, a registered dietitian, licensed dietitian nutritionist and health educator. Donna Duffy is dedicated to helping students at Saint Rose take control of their health. She strives to educate, empower, and encourage customers to make sustainable lifestyle changes that support a healthy, balanced and productive life. Donna develops and delivers customized nutrition and lifestyle change plans for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Have questions about your nutrition? Or just interested in learning more about the food and dining on campus? Contact Kelly Pearson, Registered Dietitian
  • For students with medical conditions that may impact their ability to dine well on campus, we strongly encourage a conversation with our Registered Dietitian, Executive Chef, and our General Manager. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs.
  • At each of our dining destinations, vegetarians and vegans can find many options to suit their dietary needs. In the Dining Room our new Vegan Station, Rustic Roots, offers vegan hot entrees for every meal. The Camelot Room offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian to-go options.
  • Yes, it is! Nutrition information is provided for all menu options at each dining destination and on our online menu. Our Mindful program helps students make easy, healthy choices by identifying menu options that meet certain nutritional criteria with a Mindful apple icon. To learn more about Mindful, visit
  • We also have a dining app called Bite U, Bite U displays our menus and includes nutritional details and ingredients to help you make better choices while navigating the dining destinations on campus. Register and download the Bite U app today! Visit:
  • We also have a Registered Dietitian, Kelly Pearson, who can work with you to ensure all of your dietary concerns are addressed or answer any questions about eating healthy on campus. She may be contacted via email:
  • There are no time restrictions for the Dining Room swipes. Meal Plan holders can use as many meal swipes per day as they want. Meal swipes can only be used by ID holder. If a guest meal is needed, Meal Plan holders can use Dining Dollars, cash or credit.
  • We encourage all customers to immediately ask for a manager or supervisor if there is ever a problem in one of our dining facilities. We realize students have very busy schedules, and if they should not have the time to speak with someone immediately, they can email the General Manager, Keith Smith: Email | 518-454-5222
  • Text Us! You can text us your comments, kudos, and feedback. Simply text the keyword SaintRoseEats to 82257.
  • You can submit your comment or feedback online via the Feedback Form.

Commuter students may enjoy the benefits of purchasing a Commuter Meal Plan or a Points plan from the Bursar or Dining Service to maximize dining flexibility, convenience and selection. Cash is accepted at each dining location, and visitors are always welcome. Commuter Students can visit any dining location on campus and pay using cash, credit or debit. Commuter students who purchase a Commuter Meal Plan will receive a FERE parking pass.

  • Dining dollars come with your meal plans and carry over from Fall to Spring but will expire at the end of final exams in the Spring semester. They can be used at all of our dining locations on campus.
  • Golden Knight Kash does roll over. Golden Knight Kash balances remain active on your account as long as you are a registered student at the College of Saint Rose. Refunds are available upon request with separation from the College. However, there is an administrative fee of $25.00 that is deducted from the balance. If the balance in the account does not exceed the fee, then no refund will be issued.
Yes. During the COVID pandemic, takeout is available from each station within the dining room. Please see an attendant for the takeout container.
  • Breakfast: $9.50
  • Lunch: $12.50
  • Dinner: $12.50
  • Brunch: $12.50

Please email or call General Manager, Keith Smith, at 518-454-5222 or at

Quarantine meals are available for delivery daily – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on weekdays and Brunch & Dinner on the weekends.  Arrangements for quarantine meals will be made with Residence Life.  Students will receive a daily link to an on-line form that provides a variety of choices offered for each meal, beverage and snack to allow for individual customization.  Students will be able to receive meals that accommodate any dietary need or allergic restriction by identifying their needs on the on-line form.